Surgical Errors

When A Louisiana Surgeon Harms Instead Of Heals

From leaving objects behind in a patient’s body to actually operating on the wrong body part, surgical errors can have devastating effects.

At the Louisiana law firm of Mark W. Smith & Associates, Attorneys at Law, our New Orleans surgical error lawyers represent victims of negligence throughout the area. With more than 25 years of experience, we understand how to analyze and develop these complex cases. You can count on us to pursue the full and fair financial compensation you deserve for any injuries.

Experienced Metairie Surgery Malpractice Lawyers

Our law firm represents individuals and families harmed by:

  • Punctures, nicks and cuts: If a surgeon inadvertently cuts the bile duct during gallbladder surgery or punctures an intestine during bowel surgery, it can lead to a life-threatening infection.
  • Wrong-site surgery: In one case we handled, a surgeon cut the wrong ureter and ended up having to remove both the patient’s kidneys instead of just one.
  • Objects left behind: We have seen cases where surgeons left suture needles, gauze pads and other objects behind in patients’ bodies.
  • Other errors: From inserting an oxygen tube into a patient’s stomach instead of his or her lungs, to failing to provide appropriate post-operative care, surgeons must be held accountable for negligence.

Anesthesiology Errors

Anesthesiologists or certified nurse anesthetists (CRNA) are involved in most major surgeries, and they also have the duty to uphold a certain standard of care. In one case our firm handled, an adult pulse oximeter was inappropriately used on a 20-month-old, resulting in a hypoxic brain injury and the death of the child.

Other examples of potential anesthetic errors include failing to respond to allergic reactions, using the wrong type of anesthetic, incorrectly administering an epidural, and more.

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